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Do you offer PCAs for men?

Yes, wearing your own colours makes us look attractive, authentic and confident, it is as valuable to men as it is to women.  Men also appreciate making shopping simpler and more structured. I welcome you to get a PCA with Colour Me Up!


 Is the Colour Me Up studio wheelchair accessible?

Access into my studio measures 88cm wide and there is a small step up of about 8cm high over which a ramp can be fixed. Toilet is on the same level as the studio, with no steps and is spacious but not specifically built for wheelchairs, alternatively I  am happy to come to you. Please contact me and I will endeavour to make an arrangement that works for you.


Can I have my small child(ren) at  my PCA?

As lovely as kids are,  it is preferable if we can do the analysis without them around because the analysis requires focus from both you and myself.  However, I know as a mother myself, sometimes having your kids with you is unavoidable.


How do I find my colours after my PCA?

You will take home with you a colour swatch fan with 65-70 colours in your tone.  We will discuss how to use it during your appointment.  


Can I still get PCA done if I don’t live in Sydney?

Visit the True Colour International Analyst Directory to find some amazing analysts all over the world.

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